What shoes to buy?

I didn't buy shoes for like a year and then I didn't really NEED new shoes but I was incredibly bored. This also kind of reminded me of why I like trends because they are fun! I don't want to wear the same pieces, classic as they may be FOREVER 


Photography : Meg Tsang

Saying that I feel like I have a pretty good hold on the classics in my closet. These are what i consider NEEDS. What shoes should you buy before any other shoes? As follows: 

  • Beige (Why beige?) Pump

  • Black Pump

  • Black Open toe sandal heels

  • Beige (Again why?)Open toe sandal heels

  • Casual Black Boots

  • Dressy Black Boots

  • Camel Boots

Two shoes I buy every single year NO MATTER WHAT:

  1. A pair of tennis shoes, go to, and typically trendy

  2. A go with everything flat sandal 

So my shoe closet is in pretty good shape. So I'm actually at the point where it is ok to buy shoes that are trendy shoes.  Last Year I was soooo hesitant to buy shoes that I didn't think I could wear many ways. I didn’t know what shoes I should buy. So I didn't buy any! I would get to the cart and PAUSE, then Exit. Thats crazy right!

Eventually I got restless in my closet and my "fun shoes" were my red boots, and I got tired of seeing them. i banned myself wearing the infamous red boots again for the rest of the Winter. Still then: What shoes should I buy ?

The thing is I am not in the tax bracket that allows me to buy fun shoes at a high price point if i can't see them as long term. However, i shouldn’t have to spend much on fun shoes anyway. You can go to any local Shoe Time and find the same shoes on your fave IG star for $20 bucks.

There are shoes that are trendy and there are shoes that are fun. Fun shoes can still give you good cost per wear, and hell so can trendy shoes but they typically don't (Insert upside down smiling emoji). 

If you are at the same stage that I was in though: Good on classics, bored with your shoes. 

Buy the shoes,  Becky. 

Get out the rut.