What to wear to a Beyonce concert

What to wear to a Beyonce concert

Quick Announcement. I am in the middle of switching over from Blogspot to Squarespace you guys! So you might notice some things are a bit off, but rest assured everything will be sorted out. I have an end game! I love the new layout and I know you guys will too once I get everything moved over to the new site. You also might have noticed I dropped the blogspot! So its just ChristenaMelea.com now. We're moving on up guys. Thank you to everyone who supports me. You guys are the best now to the fashion. 

April is here  and you already know what time it is! #BEYHIVE stand up! You guys  know I stan for my birthday twin Bey so I wanted to celebrate by curating some looks for us to wear to the concert.  I thought of all Beyonce fans out there, there is a look here for everyone. We all know I'm a girly girl to the core, and I love my heels, so you can probably guess which look I would wear. 

This one is for the Girl whose got BODY  and wants to show it + Who can resist a cute bodysuit?

I spotted this bumblebee clutch and had to put it in my roundup, and its only $35 bucks! I was of thinking of my simple & chic chicks here. Silk camisole, distressed jeans, heel,  solid piece of jewelry, and  add clutch

Florida Native. Simple and Comfy

On Trend Bohemian Look, Off the shoulder  top, choker, add chunk heels, and she's good to go

This look is really for the Pop Beyonce Fan. Ultimate comfortability & Ultra Girly

This chick is effortlessly stylish like all the time, but low key looks homeless, Really prefers RiRi but stans for Bey on her off days

For my ladies who refuse to wear any kind of heels, dress, or possibly restricting attire to a concert.  Best part of this look to me are those crispy huaraches.  

This is for my "I legit live in heels" woman. Silver is coming back around the trend wheel and these heels from Topshop are LIFE.

I have nothing to wear! When in doubt wear all black, and add memorabilia. Never fails, and works for any concert whatsoever 

Did you see your look? Which show are yall going to see? I'm going to the one in Nashville *TONGUE OUT EMOJI*