The Biggest & Best Change Made in 2018

This month in Alabama has not felt like Winter in the least. It has been rainy (eww) , muddy, and coldish. Coldish is not fun let me tell you. It's a very weird weather to dress in . I have been taking it easy in my Holographic Trainers from ASOS & my booties from Aldo.

Photography: @megtsang  

Sweater // Target

Jeans // Target

At the top of the year I promised you all that I would start shopping other places besides Forever 21 AND. I. DID.  I'll be transparent and let you guys know that F21 closed down in our mall for like 7 months in the early parts of the year so  that made it a lot easier to not slip up. The closing down of F21 made room for a Dave & Busters so don't fret. I will say though it was quite the revelation that I was really short-sighted on where I shopped for myself. It was also a reminder that it’s hard to shop for my size in the mall. There is a Torrid in the mall but Torrid not in my price range and not much of it is my style.

I've been shopping in pretty typical and affordable places like Target, TJMaxx and not so average places like ASOS. I wanted to try Fashion Nova & Pretty Little Thing  for research purpose but didn't quite make it there. FN actually has a higher price point than I expected. One day maybe. I found that I love Target for the Who What Wear collection, and the introduction of Wild Fable. The fashions are worth the overspending you will undoubtedly relate to in Target.

This sweater was crazy comfy and freaking adorable let me tell you. My niece actually gave this sweater the go ahead to go in my “Must buy” pile of my cart. So shout out to Londyn. The tinsel in the sweater just pushes the “Festive AF” vibe we all like to shoot for in December. It would be perfect to wear for ice skating a cute or Winter date with bae.

I’m excited to wear all of my “extra” pieces for the holiday parties and possible dates “wink, wink”.

I had a bout of extreme embarrassment & disappointment this morning but I used all the tools I’ve learned in therapy and I through the mirror up at myself which actually help me figure out that the anger I was feeling was actually embarrassment. Trying to give myself a bit of grace and allow myself some patience with myself. I hope you will do the same if you ever need to. You are not a perfect person.