An undefeated pair in Winter White

An undefeated pair in Winter White

Black and white

Black girls and yellow 

All white & Summer parties 

What’s a good hashtag for these? #Undefeatedpairs

May I submit also, boots and dresses for an undefeated pair? I think I should.

Christena Alabama Style Blogger

Boots and Dresses are also among these top faves for me.  When it comes to getting dressed for Winter I go through phases.

In the beginning of the cold months I get really excited because I can wear boots and  I stan a sexy boot.  

Then it actually gets cold and I go through a phase where I'm annoyed because I wanna wear lighter pieces but the weather keeps laughing at me when I walk outside.  

Then I'm just annoyed because it's cold and I don't feel like trying to add girly or sexy accents anymore I just wanna go wherever I’m going and get back home.

I’ve been told I’m effervescent but in the Winter call me Winnie the Pooh because I’m not going anywhere but my couch, the kitchen, maybe the park, but back to the couch. Sad maybe? but hey. I hibernate.

Eventually I fall into a little routine. This year my routine is as follows:

1. Wear sweaters, and skirts but add tights or 2. Wear a cute dress and boots.  In order to ensure a least some kind of warmth I top it with my over-sized leather and shearling jacket because over-sized equals edgy fashion girl and a "You look cute" from my Mom.

I linked this dress, and other cute cop worthy white dresses below. My fave boots are here

***Editors note - I have been seriously dabbling in blazers soooo yeah

Alabama blogger white booties, white dress
Plus size Alabama blogger White dress White booties