End of Summer Heels that can work in Fall

End of Summer Heels that can work in Fall
Christena Melea Fall 2018
Fall Shoes 2018
Fall Shoes

Pictures by the lovely Lauren

Lowest of keys.  I'm happy Summer is over because Summer is so high key! I get super duper excited for Summer and then I'm like" Ok,I'm done with this". I'm from Florida so I would like to believe I'm a beach bum but in all honesty I like the beach early morning and in the evening. Those are the perfect beach times to me. I would rather relax at a pool during the day time. Anywho get into this bodysuit.

I absolutely love this color the yellow makes me do a little dance. It pops and compliments these Steve Madden shoes sooooo well. This was my close of summer look even though the end of summer isn't technically until September 22nd. I absolutely love to death a good fun heeled sandal but I hardly ever wear them because admit-tingly I'm  out of practice.  It's just something about them that leave you feeling hella sassy. 

So check out  these sassy heels I have my eye on for this Fall.