I am not your typical globe trotting fantasy fashion style blogger. Maybe in the future but not now at least.

Sorry not Sorry


Ok so you're following that girl who always seems to be on the go, one minute she is in Spain (wearing D&G) at dinner with her husband, flying back to NY with her Gucci slides on to get ready for a shoot, and back to LA to began lounging by the pool. 

That's not your life though. You go to work from 8-5 everyday sometimes Saturday, you wine & dine with the girls on Saturdays  or you take the kids to the zoo to see the new Snake exhibit. You go to church most Sunday mornings might do a food truck date with bae and you go home and meal prep. I blog for you. 

You aren't Basic Betty, and you're not trying to be JetSet Jasmine, but you keep up with the trends, you tweet or facebook about the award shows, and you have an IG. You read the blogs, and you might read Instyle. You don't like to look typical. You prefer to be on trend, but you don't overdo it. You keep it cute and in the budget, but you'll splurge for the piece that makes your heart pound . I blog for you.

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It's time for Fall & the morning where you wanna just stay up under the covers are about to be in full effect. So stop wasting time in the morning deciding what to wear.  Wanna be able to slay in 21 minutes?