Bougie by Nature The Newsletter

I'm Christena, style blogger here in Birmingham, al. I tend to dress up every time I Leave the house. I can not help it.

i was the matchy matchy girl in high school, and then I got to college and my style evolved a bit. I learned it didn't have to match to go together, but then...

 I had TO BE IN THE MALL EVERY TWO WEEKS BUYING NEW OUTFITS TO KEEP UP WITH THE TRENDS. I was cute, but I had to live in the mall to stay cute and that is just not NECESSARY.

 I want you to be cute but i also want you to have time to get drinks with the gals, or wine with bae. I  want you to slay during these outings also! I want you to do double takes in the mirror!  

I help women get their style game together.

You don't want to dress like your mom, but you also don't want to dress like a college freshman. It's the style crossroad we all come to at some point.

I GET IT, I PROMISE and I got you. 

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